New Members

We are looking to find new members, to increase our capacity as a group - financially as capital for investing in the wood, energetically as a labour force, and creatively to add to the vision for the wood.

We need people, with or without forestry management skills, who:

  1. are able to understand and commit to our vision
  2. have energy and enthusiasm
  3. have time to commit to a monthly work day
To become a member, we ask people to attend 3 workdays and an AGM, or 2 work days and 2 management meetings, so that they can meet existing members, experience the wood and its delights and challenges, and see how we get on together. If new members know that they will be unable to commit to regular work days, they can instead contribute £500.

For more details see the Volunteering page.

Still interested? Contact or phone Kate on 07841 979 489

If you would just like to enjoy a day working in the woods, please get in touch. We have workdays scheduled fortnightly for much of the year, and if you live in north Bristol we may be able to offer you a lift.