Who we are

In 2007, a group of a dozen people met for the first time at Wernbrake. Two of us had seen an advert for the sale of the wood and had circulated their friends to see who might be interested. Around 14 responded with enthusiasm to the possibility of a group purchase. Within a few weeks, additional friends and relatives of the initial group came on board and the purchase was set in motion.

The vision that we have for Wernbrake is for a woodland sustainably managed to yield a flow of timber, which will be harvested in a way that will enhance the wood’s biodiversity through creating glades and rides and enabling more open habitats. At the same time, we want the wood to be a place of peace for occasional overnight wild camping for members, and a place of play and discovery for young and old alike. We also aspire to be a community resource, with access for local people and schools.

Since 2007, we have held regular work days and site meetings, and have run occasional courses with invited experts.

Our work has been supported by members who have donated or lent money to Wernbrake, listed here.